Private Segway Tours in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

Looking for a fun way to explore San Francisco? Private Segway tours are the best way to see the city. At Golden Gate Park Segway Rentals, we are the only licensed Segway rental company that permits you to ride freely around Golden Gate Park or anywhere around San Francisco, CA, without a guide.

Experience Private Segway Tours

With Golden Gate Park Segway Rentals, you get to call the shots. We don’t charge you extra time or money for lessons. If you’re an experienced Segway rider, you can take off as soon as you want! If you need a little extra time or guidance to get used to the Segway, we provide the flexibility for that too.

When you’re ready to ride, you get to choose your own path. Other guided tours can only take you through pre-determined routes. With our scooter and your smartphone, you can create your own path. You can go through the whole park or you can stop and explore some favorite attractions.

We provide a lock for your ride so that you can go to places like the Land’s End Visitors Center or Alcatraz without any extra worries.

Plus, you get to choose who to ride with and what to wear. You aren’t tied down with a guide, a group of tourists you don’t know, or neon vests that identify you. You get to go with your friends to see what you’re most interested in, all while wearing your own comfortable clothes. (Although, you can choose something neon if that’s your jam — we won’t get in the way!)

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We offer various rental times, from 1.5 hours to 1 week so you can see San Francisco on your own timeline. We even offer a ride-a-long photographer for an extra fee so your Instagram feed doesn’t miss any of the action. Visit our rates page for more information. 

Ready to take your own private Segway tour around Golden Gate Park? Call us at 415-716-9910 to check availability or make a reservation.