FAQ segway rentals golden gate park, san francsico


Can i rent a segway and ride without a guide and where?

Of course, people have been renting our segways and riding all over san francisco and golden gate park for 10yrs. now.

Just like renting a bike and going riding only much more fun. Guided tours must stay in limited areas and would prefer that you do not find out about us. Yes you can take it to see the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Marina, Fisherman's Wharf, anywhere in SF CA

Do you dress us up like Neon jacketed billboard ducklings in a row and parade us around real slow?

NO!   That is what you will look like on a guided segway tour in SF CA. Puttsing around at turtle speed in an area that could easily be walked in less time that the actual tour takes.

Is the lesson really free?

Yes, you tell us when your are ready to roll and start your touring time. All other companies in San Francisco will charge you up to 45min. of time and money for the lesson. So you can subtract that from your ridng time.

How far can i ride a segway in San Francisco?

You can ride 3 times as far as any guided tours can go for less $

3hrs of ridng time or up to 18 miles

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How do i find my way and learn about points of interest?

Use google maps or our maps are provided. Use google search or Wikipedia. Ask Siri